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SiEPIC Tools

Tools for designing Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits, including waveguides, component simulations, functional verification, Calibre DRC verification, netlist extraction, circuit simulations. Framework and examples for creating layouts using scripts. Includes a generic PDK (GSiP). Other PDKs are installed separately, and depend on SiEPIC-Tools.

Author: Lukas Chrostowski, Jaspreet Jhoja, Mustafa Hammood, Brett Poulsen, Jonas Flueckiger, Rounak Singh Narde, Chris Zeqin Lu, Nathan Smith, Claudio Alarcon-Reyes (GitHub: lukasc-ubc, jaspreetj, mustafacc, bpoulse, jfluecki, rounaksingh, luzeqin, nsmith5, clalarco)

API version: 0.27

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